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Mineral curative water

Not many spas can pride themselves on linking unique climate conditions, convenient location, excellent countryside scenery and natural curative resources of extraordinary composition. The Bardejov spa provide the visitors all the advantages and curative conditions which the surrounding countryside can offer, and therefore it is an ideal place for therapeutic and relaxation stay.

The natural conditions define and enhance the curative opportunities and the large indications of the Bardejov Spa. The main treasure of the spa is the range of natural mineral springs. Ten springs well on the relatively small territory in the internal area of the spa.

Bardejov mineral water is a natural curative water, weak - medium mineralised, hydrogen carbonic-chlorid, sodium, ferric, carbonic, cold, hypotonic, with enhanced content of bore acid.

The amount of the elements in water is different in every spring and therefore the doctor shall specify the usual therapeutic portion depending on the indication and the client's state of health. The waters are used for drinking cures, mineral bath and inhalation. All the mineral springs are conducted into the roofed, heated colonnade where they are applied for internal balneotherapy by way of drinking cure. The affect of the drinking cures is the most expressive in curing the disorders of digestive organs, i.e. in case of hyperacid and hypoacid states, in disorders of the stomach, gall-bladder and gall ducts, liver, pancreas and bowel disorders.

The unique composition of the mineral waters enables their successful application with some other diseases where there are utilised the different minerals and trace elements.

Mineral springs

Spring Herkules
By its content of mineral substances and carbon dioxide this spring pertains to the most effective ones in Slovakia. It has proved to be efficient in therapy of digestive disorders and duodenum, respiratory diseases. It is true especially due to the fact that its content of iodine acts extraordinarily favourably in removing of slime from the respiratory organs. It is very efficient in curing diabetes too.

Main Spring / Hlavný
The Main Spring has acidic character, it is utilised for curing stomach and duodenum disorders, post-operation state of stomach, disorders of liver, lack of gastric acid, blood disorders and problems with formation of blood.

Medicinal Spring
This Spring is highly mineralised having alkaline nature. It is utilised for curing stomach and duodenum disorders with overproduction of gastric acid, for inhalation by chronic bronchitis, inflammation of mucous of the upper respiratory organs, and for enlarged windpipes and curing astma.

Spring Alžbeta
The spring is characterised by low content of sodium, it has proved to be useful in curing different disorders of the liver.

Spring Klára
The water of this spring contains iron, it is carbonic with traces of hydro-sulphide and it is applied in inhalation for respiratory organ disorders and for rheumatic illnesses of the joints.

Spring Napoleon
The water is hydro-carbonic, with content of chloride, sodium, iron and carbon, with increased content of bore acid. It is applied for therapy of gall-duct, collitide and chronic disorders of liver.

Spring Anna
This spring is appropriate for curing stomach dyspepsia, chronic disorders of pancreas and the upper respiratory organ disorders. Its water is hydrocarbonic, chloridised, with sodium and increased content of metabolit acid.

Collonade Spring
This spring is advisable in curing anaemia, deficit of gastric acid and inflammation of stomach.