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Spa stays supported by slovak insurance companies

Dear clients, information at this part of a website is primarily useful for Slovak citizens, which can get financial support for their curative stay from slovak insurance companies.


It is possible to cure the following indications specified by law in the Bardejov Spa:

  • I. Oncological diseases
  • II. Disorders of blood circulation system
  • III. Disorders of the gastrointestinal system
  • IV. Disorders of metabolism and the glands of internal secretion
  • V. Non-tuberculosis type disorders of the respiratory organs
  • VI. Neurological diseases
  • VII. Musculoskeletal system disorders
  • VIII. Renal and urinary tract disorders
  • IX. Women´s diseases
  • X. Professional diseases

The spa treatment of all the above disorders except of the professional diseases, is possible also in relation to therapy of children indications. The health care is guaranteed in all spa hotels, where the clients are examined on the relevant professional level. The whole complexity of the provided curative procedures is ensured and provided by the Spa House- Balneoterapy -section established together with the spa policlinic. Mineral waters are available within the drinking cures at the Colonnade in defined time intervals (morning - at noon - in the evening).

For adults spa stays please contact us: 

Tel: +421/54/4774323



For children spa stays supported by insurance companies contact us:

Tel: +421/54/4774442, 4774276

Mobil: 0918 112 283, 0918 249 212